The Human Aura

and the Alchemy of Change
Women and men of the Aquarian age are intended to understand spiritual principles that in the past have been esoteric and hidden. Once they realize that God is the source of their consciousness, they are able to immediately apply the tools outlined in these Pearls of WisdomTM and accelerate their path to soul liberation. These short courses of study from The Summit Lighthouse, form four foundational pillars for the safe and secure expansion of divine identity. The student is sure to appreciate the timeless and beautiful presentation of the authors, and recognize the great impact that the application of these teachings will have on their life. The content of the four books described below are available on this website for free and also for purchase as two separate pocketbooks on the Aura and Alchemy.

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"The original materials on the aura and alchemy are here for you to study on your own but you are also welcome to join our weekly book study that takes place via zoom at 5 pm Pacific time. Please contact for details.

The Order of the Four Pillars

"If you are new to the teachings of the ascended masters or you are teaching students who are new, begin with beloved Kuthumi's book on the Human Aura and Alchemy I, and then proceed with Alchemy II; and then go to Aura II! These four books are pillars, foundations for the fourfold Path of the Rose Cross that later is to be read in the Pearls of Wisdom from Sanat Kumara." - Creation of the Cloud Booklet

Original 1971 cover

Pillar 1

Studies of the Human Aura

In this book the student learns the nature of the aura, the means to its control, and the benefits that follow. The effects apply to both the internal and external world of the aspirant.

  • Strengthen and purify thought and feeling
  • Gain protection from the mass consciousness
  • Unlock your divine potential

Pillar 2

Studies in Alchemy

In this book the student learns the foundations of direct precipitation where spiritual light becomes physical substance. The higher uses of alchemy are revealed in detail.

  • Learn the 9 steps to direct precipitation
  • Avoid pitfalls in the spiritual sciences
  • Gather keys to self-disciplined success
Original 1962 Cover
Original 1962 Cover

Pillar 3

Intermediate Studies in Alchemy

In this book the student learns how to form the cloud of spiritual light that both accepts and then manifests the alchemists creations. It is the basis for both personal fulfillment and world transformation.

  • Visualize and manifest positive events
  • Overcome anxiety
  • Come closer to your true nature

Pillar 4

Intermediate Studies of the Human Aura

In this book the student learns important techniques for expanding the reach and strength of the aura. The author shares essential spiritual concepts that create a new and powerful context for being in the world.

  • Gain powerful spiritual tools
  • Challenge deep-rooted negatives
  • Understand future spiritual tests
Original 1974 Cover