Aura Examples

The book on the human aura contains multiple graphic plates depicting the aura of people with typical levels of consciousness. A selection of these are presented below along with the accompanying text.

The Perfected Aura

The Chela Standing in the Ovoid.
This plate shows the action of the sacred fire invoked as a replica of the Cosmic Egg sealing the pure energies flowing through purified chakras.

The Perfected Aura

Visualize your aura as an ovoid of white light extending beneath your feet, beneath the coil, above your head, and above the coil. See the aura increasing in the intensity of the light as that energy is expanded from the heart chakra and thence from all of the chakras as the sacred mist that is called the fire breath of God. Let its purity, wholeness, and love fill the ovoid of your aura; and feel your mind and heart disciplining that energy and holding it in the creative tension of your cosmic awareness.

Muddied Aura #4

This is a typical aura of the mass consciousness. By the mass consciousness we mean the collective unconscious of the mankind who move as one, the sea of humanity who are not enlightened.

Muddied Aura #4

Their auras will be filled with the brown and green of the muck just like the muck you see at the bottom of a river. They move in the astral plane. They do not invoke the tube of light or the violet flame, and so their auras simply take on and are colored by their surroundings.

The lines of red and orange show that these people are a powder keg, that they are ready to become angry at the moment that their egos are offended. The potential for anger is there. Put them in contact with someone who is separated out from the mass consciousness and they are likely to explode because they cannot bear the contact with light. Put them in contact with people who are part of the milling crowd, part of the herd, and they get along just fine. They move in between one another's angers and passions and prides, and they get along and tolerate one another's human effluvia.

These people are largely dominated by what we call the moon consciousness. The moon as an orange focal point or cap completely obliterates the contact of God through the crown chakra. The moon as a black focus of the crescent at the base of the spine cuts off the contact with the Mother and the purity of the flame. These people will be governed by the cycles of the moon. As the moon goes through the twelve houses, the twelve signs of the zodiac, each twenty-eight days, they will tend to take on the misuses of God's energy through lunar substance, which is the emotional misuse of the sacred fire.

This aura is typical of the man on the street.

Muddied Aura #5

This is another action of the mass consciousness. The person has a considerable amount of faith. Notice the blue halo around his head. This might be a very religious person with a bit of illumination in the aura such as he can glean from his faith, but you'll notice that the heart is a sympathetic heart.The energies of the heart, instead of coming out in a direct line, are tending to fall, because this person has not discerned the difference between compassion and sympathy.

Muddied Aura #5

This person is always in sympathy with someone who is the underdog, and the sympathy goes to the solar plexus This is the kind of person who is always identifying with someone's human creation. Instead of exalting the Christ, he sinks to the level of whoever he is with, whoever has a problem. Instead of using the light of the heart to uplift, to ennoble, to instill with the Christ awareness, he tends to use the heart energy to be "in agreement with"—which is what sympathy means—someone's human creation.

Now we will find that among mankind there are very sincere people; but because they do not have the Holy Spirit and its action, their auras have not been purged of this sub-stance. As soon as they begin to use the violet flame, it will begin to disappear. Their chakras will be more aligned in their four lower bodies and we will find a more intense radiation beginning as a trickle, then intensifying as a beacon light through all of the chakras.

This is how a very ordinary person not particularly good, not particularly bad—might walk into a seminar on the teachings of the ascended masters. By the time he leaves that seminar in two days, he would have his aura bristling with the violet flame and this substance transmuted.

Auras change very quickly. The moment this person comes in contact with the Holy Spirit, that quickening fire passing through will lift this substance and give him an entirely new awareness of God. But there are many layers of misqualified energy to be consumed, and the scrubbing action of the violet flame works both from the surface of the aura to the chakras and from the threefold flame within the heart chakra to the surface.

Muddied Aura #7

This figure shows the aura of the black magician misusing the energies of the third eye and the solar plexus. You can see the demon forms, the demons of the mind that this individual is projecting to carry out his will.

Muddied Aura #7

The person that I took this reading from is actually a figure well placed in our government; and that aura shows a master-minded manipulation of forces, of nations, and of the planet itself. Now when we are confronted by this energy, how does it affect us? It can affect us as if we were hypnotized. Almost trembling, we feel that we are being totally subjugated by the intimidation of the fallen one.

These people have an almost overpowering will of human personality. They put over their ideas, their policies—whatever they are going to put over with an intense use of the third-eye chakra. They become so strong in their misuse of energy that it takes people who have a corresponding momentum of Christ consciousness in the same chakra to see through them and to overcome them.

Most people among humanity do not have this degree of misuse of the sacred fire, nor do they have its corresponding attainment in the Christ consciousness; so they become victimized by those who are black magicians. Until they attain a corresponding amount of the Christ consciousness, they are defenseless, except through invocation to the I AM Presence and the Christ Self, who will immediately overshadow the soul who is confronted by the "accuser of the brethren."

More Examples and Illustrations

The remaining illustrations associated with this work can be found in the book The Human Aura: How to Activate and Energize your Aura and Chakras published by the Summit Lighthouse. We are grateful for their permission to present the text and illustrations on this page. Copies of the book can be purchased by following the links below.

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