Intermediate Studies in the Human Aura

In this book the student learns important techniques for expanding the reach and strength of the aura. The author shares essential spiritual concepts that create a new and powerful context for being in the world.

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Though the Pearls of WisdomTM for this series are provided free here online through the links below, they have also been published in a paperback form which contains both the beginning course (Part 1) and intermediate course (Part 2). These books make for great gifts and study guides and are available in multiple languages.

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Human Aura - Part 2: Fourteen Chapters by Djwal Kul


The Pulsation of Life Becoming Life

In the heart there is a pulsation of life becoming life that is the established rhythm of the cosmos ...

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The Name of God is the Key

Once you have accepted the gift of the angel who comes with the flaming sword to write upon the heart forevermore the name of God


The Interlaced Triangles

Let us enter into the consciousness of the heart. “Draw nigh to me, and I will draw nigh to you” are the words of the Lord spoken within the soul of the Apostle James as the key to the union of God and man through the blessed mediator,

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The Challenge of the Mind

If you are in earnest in your determination to expand the aura, it is time that you challenge the carnal mind even as Jesus challenged the Pharisees who derided the Christ, saying: “Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts:

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The Hidden Chamber of the Heart

To enter into the garden of the heart is to enter a chamber that exists in the mind of God which can come into being as the kingdom of God within you through meditation and through visualization. To enter into the garden of the heart is to enter a chamber that exists in the mind of God...

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The Spectrum of God’s Consciousness

From East to West, the body of God on earth has realized the spectrum of God’s consciousness, facet by facet, nation by nation. And who can say, observing the whole, who is right and who is wrong?

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The Law of Congruency

To develop the aura, then, is to prepare the place of consciousness where, by the law of congruency, you can receive here and now in the planes of Mater those ascended masters and Christed ones whose light bodies will mesh with your own because your aura has taken on…

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The Sacred Fire Breath

As the inbreathing and the outbreathing of God is for the integration of cosmic cycles, for the sending-forth of worlds within worlds, and for the return of those worlds back to the heart of God whence they came, so man, as a co-creator with God, is endowed with the gift of

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The Four Elements in the Planes of the Chakras

In order to master the flow of God’s energy through the seven chakras, man and woman ought to consider the mastery of the four elements—of fire, air, water, and earth...

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The Seven in the Seven and the Test of the Ten

Concentric rings of the color rays emanating from the seven chakras denote the macrocosmic-microcosmic interchange of energy within the being of the new-age man and woman. And the outflow and inflow of energy that accompanies the process marks...

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The Flame of Freedom in the Aquarian Cycle

To those who would know the freedom of the soul, I say, listen well! For there is a price that must be paid for that freedom. It is the surrender of your...

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The Energies of the Soul raised to the Third Eye

To see is to be, and to be is to see. When you raise up the energies of the soul and of your solar awareness to the plane of the all-seeing eye and when you have the balance of love and wisdom converging at the point of reality,

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The Raising-Up of the Energies of the Mother

...the energies of the Mother in the base of the spine would remain quiescent. But with the moving of that Spirit in her being, she recognized the fountain of life springing forth...

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The Ritual of the Alchemical Union

Rising to the vision of the whole of creation, The procession becomes the ritual of the sphere Re-entering the seed and the molecule of life.

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