Intermediate Studies in Alchemy

In this book the student learns the foundations of direct precipitation where spiritual light becomes physical substance. The higher uses of alchemy are revealed in detail.

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Though the Pearls of WisdomTM for this series are provided free here online through the links below, they have also been published in a paperback form which contains both the beginning course (Part 1) and intermediate course (Part 2). These books make for great gifts and study guides and are available in multiple languages.

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Alchemy - Part 2: Twelve chapters by Saint Germain



Now, the identity of the alchemist is to be found in the mandate “Create!” And in order that he might obey, the fiery energies of creation are dispensed to him each moment.

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Practical Alchemy

The practicality of God… it must be used to draw the divine mystery to the focal point of individual manifestation.


Spiritual Alliance

Little does the beginning alchemist realize the need for a spiritual alliance. It is to genuine spiritual brotherhood, then, that we would direct your spiritual attention.

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To Penetrate Matter

When the Higher Mind examines the nature of Spirit and makes known its findings to the mind of man, he becomes imbued with what we shall call his first awareness of the potential of the self to penetrate Matter.

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Formulas for Precipitation

The wondrous science of change that fulfills the heart’s deepest desires, orders man’s affairs, and renews the sweet purity of his original communion with the Great Progenitor.

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“Create!” and the Cloud

You are about to create, and you will first create the cloud from the enormous power of God stored at every point in space, waiting to be invoked.

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The Science of Picturization

Now let us place our attention upon the science of picturization, for without it nothing shall appear. You will find this science illustrated in the story of Jacob, who used alchemy to increase the numbers of his cattle.

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What Alchemy Can Mean to a Decaying World

Now we reveal in this eighth lesson what alchemy can mean to a decaying world, what it can mean to slaves in bondage to the senses, what it can mean to the self surrounded by confusion and chaos as it becomes an ordered, purposeful exhibit of universal grace expressing through the forcefield of the individual identity of man.

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Anxiety and the Anxiety Syndrome

For this lesson we will permit the students to experiment with and develop proficiency in the creation of the cloud while we go afield for a moment to discuss one of the major deterrents to successful alchemy. I refer to anxiety and the anxiety syndrome.

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Nature Yields to the Childlike Mind

All of the pristine beauties of nature—the ethereal highlights whose gentle glow can be sensed by the budding spiritual faculties of the children of God—hold as their essential content the sweet creative longing of a child.

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The Highest Alchemy

The highest alchemy is the precipitation of the Christ consciousness, and all to whom the breath of life has been given have a solemn obligation to pass on the precepts of holy wisdom before passing the torch of responsibility to the next generation.

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The Way of the Tree of Life

The way of the Tree of Life which is the perfect secret that God has guarded from the curious and profane remains a penetrable mystery ...

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