Saint Germain on Alchemy

Formulas for Transformation

In this book the student learns the foundations of direct precipitation, where spiritual light becomes physical substance. The higher uses of alchemy are revealed in detail.

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Though the Pearls of WisdomTM for this series are provided free here online through the links below, they have also been published in a paperback form which contains both the beginning course (Part 1) and intermediate course (Part 2). These books make for great gifts and study guides and are available in multiple languages.

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Alchemy - Part 1: Nine chapters by Saint Germain


The Law of Transfer of Energy

True knowledge of the impersonal law of transfer of energy is also vital to the correct understanding of the Great Law. For it proves that God, who makes the sun to shine on both the just and the unjust, does manifest through both.

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The Purpose of Your Alchemical Experiment

...this is an exact and true science ... Its purpose is to teach mankind how to obtain for themselves every gracious gift and virtue which their lifestreams might require in finding the way back Home to God’s heart.


The Sacred Science

The dedication of the early alchemists to the cause of ferreting out its secrets was complete, and it was sanctified by the coordination of their minds with the works of their hands.

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Dare to Do!

With God all things are possible, but as in every science, proficiency does not usually come about without knowledge and its persistent application.

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The Need, Power, and Motive of Change

Beloved people, the power to change is within every man. Prefer this power and venerate it above every limiting condition, and watch the alchemy of Self expand! Ponder now the need to change… the power to change… and the motive to change

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Molding Factors

Ah, the mold—there’s the rub! Aye, and the mowlde, too, contaminates. But how beautiful is the original hope of heaven for each lifestream! … Because each dire effect of the mold and the mowlde must be counteracted…

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Methods of Transfer

Let no one feel, however, that all knowledge can be reached through a single approach or without effort and study.

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Commanding Consciousness

Master your consciousness by properly directing its attention, and possess thereby the key to God’s precious storehouse of eternal substance.

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The Crucible of Being

Personal attitudes must be adjusted to impersonal laws, and thought and feeling patterns must be molded after more noble designs…

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